Ball stretcher no 3 – Testicle Stretcher

High quality hinged alloy ball stretcher from Toys 4 Naughty Boys. The hinged design allows the wearer to easily fit the ball stretcher around the scrotum for the ultimate ball tugging pleasure. Simply fit and screw back together with the hex head screw and Allen key provided. Wear during sex or for longer periods of time to pull the plums down and help achieve the stretched scrotum that you desire.

At 300 grams this ballstretcher is ideal for those who are starting out with ball tugging or for those who have stretched before and want to wear a device for longer periods. Available in 3 different sizes to ensure you get the perfect fit. 

Available in 3 different sizes.

Small - 38.1mm - 1.5"

Medium - 44.45mm - 1.75"

Large - 50mm - 2"

20mm thick

Weight approx. 300 grams

Internal Diameter 25mm
Outside Diameter 37mm
Weight 300 grams

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Ball Stretcher No 3 -Testicle Stretcher

  • £18.99

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