Ball Stretcher No. 2 - Heavy Weight Testicle Stretcher

Our heavy weight ball stretcher has a split ring design for ease of fitting around the testicles, secure the stretcher with the two hex head screws provided; for comfort this quality device is polished smooth and at a ball busting 900 grams will ensure your balls are pulled well and truly down. 

This is the ultimate in extreme testicle stretching and due to the weight we recommend these ball stretchers are used by experienced aficionados only! This heavy weight device comes in one size fits all for veteran stretchers. It has a typical small inside diameter as required for those who have already achieved some stretched skin. We advise that wearers of this practice extreme caution and consider safety at all times.   


  • 70mm outside diameter
  • 35mm internal diameter
  • 38mm thick.
  • Weight 900 grams


External Diameter 70mm
Internal Diameter 35mm
Weight 900 grams

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Ball Stretcher No 2 - Round Ball Stretcher

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