Ball Stretchers

Ball Stretchers

We have something for everyone with our range of ball stretchers and testicle stretchers. Whether you are just starting out and looking for a lighter ballstretcher to get you started or you already have a achieved some stretch and are looking for something a lot heavier we have weights going up to 1kg.

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Ball Stretcher No 2 - Round Ball Stretcher

Ball Stretcher No. 2 - Heavy Weight Testicle Stretcher Our heavy weight ball stretcher has a spli..


Stainless Steel Ball Stretcher with Hanging Hook

Stainless Steel Ball Stretcher with Hanging Loop  Stainless steel ball stretcher with hangin..


The Donut Ball Weight

The Donut Ball Weight Superb comfort from the Donut ball weight. Split ring design, polished s..


Ball Stretcher Cockring

Hand weights from this cock ring and really feel the force, weights sold separately...


Ball Stretcher No 3 -Testicle Stretcher New

Ball Stretcher No 3 -Testicle Stretcher

Ball stretcher no 3 – Testicle StretcherHigh quality hinged alloy ball stretcher from Toys 4 Naughty..


Hells Bridge Ball Stretcher

Maintain a pleasant tug on your balls or experience a tortuous extreme stretch with the fully adjust..


Perfect Fit 2 Inche Ball Stretcher

Soft and ultra stretchy. To be worn around the scrotum to stretch the balls..


Rimba Ballstretcher Parachute

If done at a proper setting these electro Parachute can stimulate intense pleasure. Or, if the submi..


Stainless Steel Ball Stretcher

Stainless steel ballstretcher 4.5 cm. high holes 3.5 and 3.2 cm. with imbustool...


Steel Ballstretcher Tube

stainless steel scrotum ball stretcher..