Ball Crushers

Ball Crushers

Our range of ball crushers will ensure your testicles are well and truly tortured. Whether you are looking for pain or pleasure these ball crushers are up for the job. 

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Ball Crusher Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Ball Crusher / CBT Device Our quality stainless steel ball crusher will be a hit ..


Ball Press Chamber

Make your sub beg with the heavy steel Ball Press Chamber. Secure the removable ring around their sc..


Metal Penis And Ball Crusher

Get extremely kinky with this penis or ball crusher, for the lovers of CBT alone or with a partner. ..


Steel Ball Crusher

This is a marvelously effective ball crusher with a very industrial look. Its operation is simple. E..


Urethral Spreader / Stretcher

Urethral Spreader / StretcherThis quality urethral stretcher is perfect for those looking to gently ..