Anal Toys For Beginners

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Many people are curious when it comes to the pleasures available from anal play, it is quite natural and now even easier to try out the various anal toys until you figure out what you do or don't enjoy.  Toys are available for the complete beginner as well as those that are very experienced or prefer some of the larger or more extreme anal toys available.


When you are starting off and trying to figure out what gets you going, you might want to start with toys that aren't too intimidating and are on the smaller side and work up from there. There are two golden rules when it comes to starting out with anal toys, the first is to take it slowly and the second is lube, and lots of it. Unlike the vagina, there is no natural lubrication around the back, so a good quality anal lube is a must.


Let’s take a look at some of the toys available.


Anal Beads


Anal beads are small, fun, starter anal toys and are usually available in plastic, silicone as well as some other variants.  Anal beads are flexible toys that are inserted and then pulled out just before or during orgasm in order to create a much more intense climax.  You can even get these with vibrations if you want to try them out to experience something really different.  They are generally shaped in the form of small beads in a strung type format, often starting with small and then working up to larger beads towards the end of the string, which allows you to open up as you insert them and also feel them internally. These are great first anal toys and can be used during masturbation and couple play. Use some lube when you get started to make insertion easier and more comfortable and enjoy intense orgasms.


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Anal Inflatables


Inflatable toys give you a lot more control than many other anal toys. Start off small, use plenty of lube and insert to get started. You can inflate these anal toys up to five times their starting size but you need to start slowly and gradually increase the size but not further than what makes you comfortable. The stretching feeling can be quite exciting and it also puts pressure on other erogenous zones internally. This is a toy you can try as an amateur and take a lot further as you expand your forays in to the joys of anal penetration. Experiment with the sizes and the fullness from these variable anal inflatables to find which gives you the most pleasure, or play with the different sizes to experience diverse sensations when using these toys during couple or solo play.


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Anal Probes


If you are nervous about anal play, start off with a finger size anal probe. Always use a lot of lubricant to ensure a smooth insertion. You can buy anal probes in a variety of sizes, from mini probes which are smaller than finger sizes up to fairly large toys. Materials include glass, silicone, plastic and various other materials. These anal dildos are generally available in smooth, ribbed, bumpy, and bubbled and various other designs and can be straight or curved. These toys are designed to stimulate the prostrate in men and even stimulate the G-spot for women, even though this would be from a different perspective to normal as it would be from the opposite side than it would be during vaginal stimulation. Many of these anal probes are tapered which allows for easier insertion and more comfortable penetration for people new to anal play.


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Butt Plugs


Butt plugs are some of the most common anal toys. Butt plugs are perfect starter toys and are available in mini plugs up to much larger sizes and in a variety of shapes, depending on preference. There are also available in standard dildo style plugs or vibrating plugs for extra stimulation. Butt plugs can be worn for longer periods of time than many other anal toys and can provide stimulation even when not partaking in sexual situation. Butt plugs are also great for anal training. If you are looking to stretch a bit in order to take something a bit larger such as a strap-on dildo, a larger anal vibrator or even a penis. Butt plugs are generally silicone but are also available in stone, marble, wood, glass, plastic, stainless steel and other materials. Fun butt plugs can include jeweled or personalized ends and even animal tails for role play.


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Prostate Massagers


Moving on to some serious anal stimulation with prostrate massages. Anal vibrators shaped to massage the prostrate can provide stronger erections, extended climaxes and just a lot of exciting sensations. They can be used internally and even to titillate the exterior of the anus before anal play or even during. Most prostrate massagers are curved as opposed to being straight in order to push against the prostrate when playing with this toy. Moving the toy in and out can create a different type of stimulation to leaving the prostrate buzzing along internally while you stimulate the penis at the same time.  Prostrate play can result in extreme orgasms and stronger, more copious climaxes. Up for some self-massage that is likely to beat a back-massage hands down.


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Browse through our extensive range of anal toys available in order to find one that suits your requirements. Look at starting out smaller and working your way up to larger and more complex toys to fully enjoy the experience of experimenting with anal penetration and stimulation. Your interest in some fun, anal experimentation could result in some awesome orgasms or at least some self-discovery.

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