Beginner’s Guide to Ball Stretching – Everything You Need to Know

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We all know that men's testicles are quite sensitive and many men enjoy the sensation of having them fondled, tickled, licked and even gentle sucking. One of the less known kinks involving these twin globes is the art of ball stretching. Why would anyone stretch their balls? Some guys just like the look of having a longer scrotum and lower hanging marbles while others will rave about more intense and longer lasting orgasms. This guide will give you some tips about ball stretching for beginners which may see you with an increased dangle in the future.


Why would you stretch?

As mentioned, some people love the look of a longer ball sack with testicles that dangle lower when not tucked up in your shorts. For others, the simple wearing of the ball stretchers gives the feeling of just before climax is reached, that delicious tightening and pulling sensation deep in the scrotum. Some even claim that their partner can also enjoy the swing of their testicles in certain positions, adding extra spice to intercourse. One thing, which is actual fact, stretched testicles do result in an orgasm that takes longer to complete and some claim that it provides a much stronger and more intense orgasm as the ejaculate has to travel that much further as well as enhancing the length of time you can go before orgasming, improving your sexual performance.  Don't forget, the stretched skin will also have added sensitivity, which means even a light stroke can add a new dimension to the feelings experienced in this region. Removing the stretchers also adds another type of sensation which can lead to being ready for another round much sooner. For those that enjoy CBT (cock and ball torture), this can add an extra amount of cruelty to playtime as well.



As always, safety comes first. If there is injury in the area or you experience pain of any kind, do not wear the stretchers. You can always try again another time. Make sure that you have proper circulation and that your testicles do not change color or experience pins and needles. Make sure that the testicles do not twist when applying and removing the weights as it can cause testicle torsion. Make sure you lube up well and prevent chafing. Use a good quality cream to massage in to the area after stretching to keep the skin supple and elastic. Start slow and be careful when handling the weights. If your testicles feel cold or look blue, make sure you see a doctor immediately. When you first start out, do not wear the stretchers during intercourse. Once you have achieved your stretching goal, you can then try wearing them during sex to get the added sensation of them pulling up against the stretcher prior to climax. Make sure the stretchers fit well; they should be snug but not too tight. Wear the same weight for a while until it feels comfortable before moving on to the next heavier set of weights.  Once you manage to get to the scrotum length you are after you may still want to wear the weights occasionally to ensure that you maintain the length you have achieved as the skin can shrink back to a degree over time.


So how do you choose the right ball stretchers for you? There are many different types and the materials can differ quite a bit. There are other considerations such as how long you want to wear the stretchers for at a time and if you want to wear them under your clothes when you go out. Some of the simplest ball stretchers include the split collar and the solid ring ball stretchers. The split collar is usually made of metal and has to be put on and removed using a hex key. This specific ball stretcher can be worn under your clothing but it can make a noise if you wear more than one. The split collar can pinch and you have to ensure you purchase the right size and always have the key in a safe place for easy removal. The solid ring does not nip and is usually made of silicone or metal. You need to buy the correct size so it does not slip off and it can make a noise if you wear two or more. Leather stretchers such as the parachute, bull bags and weighted leather stretchers are easy to use but most cannot be worn under clothing and do tend to absorb sweat and lube. Leather also needs the proper care for it to be hygienic and durable. Leather does however, tend to be more comfortable.  For instant but temporary stretching you can try a vacuum pump. It also enhances sensitivity but there is no long term benefit. A BDSM device known as the humbler, made of wood or metal is good for ball stretching and presenting the scrotum for CBT, but it is extremely uncomfortable to wear and cannot be worn under clothing. This is more for BDSM play than long term ball stretching.


When you are first starting out, you might want to try one or two different devices to find what works for you and that you can wear comfortably. There is no single, one size fits all solution when it comes to elongation of your scrotum. It is recommended that you perhaps start out with a solid ring in the beginning as it is versatile, easy to use and easy to upgrade. Many prefer the leather to start with as it is lighter and softer, but the care can be an issue at the start. Surgical steel ball stretchers require minimum maintenance and are available in various weights, starting from very light and working upwards. They are also smooth and less prone to pinching and can be worn under clothing easily and discretely. They are also simple and easy to put on which is generally a bonus for those starting out with this. They also give effective results and can help you reach a stretching goal without a lot of effort. The weight is evenly distributed and you can purchase the rings in quite a few different designs, sizes and weights allowing you more choice than with many of the other options. You must however, ensure you purchase the correct size to avoid circulation being constricted or the ring being so loose it slips off. You need to ensure you purchase a good quality product so that it is body safe, easy to clean and will last long enough to help you get the swingers you are after.


Make sure you warm up the skin and the genital area before putting on the ball stretchers to avoid any pain or other complications. After a nice warm shower is usually a good time, you can practice pulling and releasing the skin while in the shower to prepare for stretching. It is important that you warm up the area in preparation by stretching the skin, the spermatic cords and the pen scrotal web (the area where the penis attaches to the scrotum). Once you have pulled and stretched these regions for a few minutes you can try your first weighted ring. Take time to get comfortable with it before you wear it for long periods. Increase the weights slowly and if you experience any discomfort stop the process immediately.







Ball stretching can be rewarding and fun as long as the necessary safety precautions are taken and you don't rush things. Good things take time and patience. You will eventually reach your goal and enjoy your lower dangling balls and improved sexual performance including heightened orgasms that last longer. We hope you found this guide informative, if you are interested to get started, check out our full range of ball stretchers here.



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