Chastity Device Rings Explained

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Chastity Device Rings Explained

When it comes to choosing a chastity device the ring plays an important part of your decision in which device to choose. Most chastity wearers concentrate on the size, which if course is the most important dynamic to get right. Too big and the device is going to slip off too easily, too tight and you might get blue balls due to the restriction in blood flow, not something you want to experience. You can check out our chastity sizing guide for more detailed information in getting the right ring size. Apart from size, there are some other factors to consider. Namely, shape and style. 


Shape is perhaps not all that important, generally rings are mostly perfectly round but there are now some oblong shape rings available which promise a more natural fit. We don’t believe the shape makes a huge difference and both devices with round and oblong rings can work really well, it’s down to personal preference and what is most comfortable for you.


In addition to the shape, some rings now feature a curved design, that is the ring is curved or concave to the shape of the body to achieve a closer fit, personally we quite like the curved rings, they make the device feel far more comfortable when being worn, especially when your moving around carrying out your daily activities. 



When it comes to style, there are generally two types of rings. The solid ring, which some prefer because there is a no hinge but which also have their draw backs, and the hinged style ring. Solid rings are exactly that, a perfect circle of solid metal, which offer pinch protection because of no hinge, however it is far more important to get the correct size ring. That is because you need to slide your member and testicles entirely through the ring to get the device on. Doesn’t sound that difficult but too big a ring and its easily going to slide off, too small and you may struggle to get it off again. We always recommend you use an excellent quality chastity lube to help not only prevent rubbing in the contact points but to help fit the device into the right postion, especially with solid chastity rings.


The other style of ring is the hinged chastity ring. Many complain the rings at the hinge point can be a pinch point, but with a short piece of rubber comfort tubing that issue is gone away. Our new Type F rings have been specifically designed to help avoid the pinch and are well worth looking at for the reasons described above. The beauty of a hinged chastity ring is ease of fitting, you can simply open up the ring, place around the base of your testicles and close it up (ensuring your ball sack isn’t anywhere near the hinge when you close it). The advantage of this is that you can get a tighter fitting ring, which many prefer to ensure there to be no escape and to help keep the device in place. It also allows for easier device removal when you are finally given the key.



Spikey Rings

Rings with small spikes are designed to be worn in addition to the main chastity ring. They fit between the main ring and device and intended to prevent the design being pulled off. They are therefore a form of anti-escape. Typically, the size of the spikey ring is to be slightly smaller than the main ring so that the spikes are touching the skin, although again it’s down to personal preference. The idea being that if you attempt to pull the device off, the spikes will cause some discomfort to prevent you from doing so. Some wearers swear by the spikes, others prefer to wear for short periods of time and some prefer not to wear them at all. We suggest you give them a try and if it is not for you then you can always wear your chastity perfectly without.


So, whilst size is the most crucial factor to consider, don’t forget shape and style influence your overall ability to find the perfect chastity device. Whatever you decide, we have all sizes, shapes and styles of chastity devices available, and of course if you need any help just drop us a line we are always happy to offer advice on your journey to find the perfect chastity device


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