Chastity Games to Play with Your Key-holder

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Whether or not you are in to BDSM or just like to keep it kinky in the bedroom, chastity games can be a lot of fun. While there are similar aspects in female chastity, we are mainly going to examine male chastity with a female key-holder, although your dynamics may differ. Even if you aren't a male sub with a female dominant relationship, you can still play some of the chastity games with your chastity key-holder that we mention below.


So what is male chastity?

Male chastity usually revolves around BDSM chastity dynamics where one person is the chastity key-holder and has control over the sexual release of a partner, who is usually submissive in this instance. For many men this remains a fantasy, but for some who get to carry out chastity games, this can be extremely exciting and erotic.


How do you prepare for chastity?

Step one is to find a key-holder you can trust. Key-holder, chastity wearer relationships are important and without the trust, things may go horribly wrong. Some men do enjoy the thrill of handing over keys to an online key-holder that may be a stranger to them, but this adds a large degree of risk to the chastity games and may end up not being as fun as being under control of someone who enjoys the control and who may be close to you, such as a partner or spouse. Once you have discussed things with your potential key-holder and everyone is in agreement, you need to get a good chastity device, groom well beforehand, make sure everything is clean and hygienic, fit the cage nice and snug and hand over the keys.  This is where the fun begins.





What happens next?

It will take a while to get used to the fit of the cage and mild discomfort from rubbing, irritation and so forth and getting used to keeping the cage clean as well as yourself. Depending on your libido, you will start feeling twinges of being denied orgasm due to the chastity device and may start whining and complaining for release. A good key-holder will understand this frustration and make sure you know who is in control. Male chastity games are not as much about the one in chastity so much as the one who is in control. When the one in chastity starts becoming desperate for release, things get very interesting. Chastity BDSM dynamics can become quite intense, while playing at home with a partner may not be quite as risky, but there are many ways you can have a bit of fun with it.  Let's look at some of the chastity games you can play with your key-holder.


The magic number chastity game

In this game, the key-holder will assign points for specific tasks and could even set time limits for the tasks to be completed for the points to count. The tasks can scale from something really easy to something more complicated, with relevant times and the points will reflect the difficulty. For example, washing dishes within 15 minutes could be worth 20 points while painting the bedroom out within 6 hours could be worth 100 points. You can add in fun things like kissing your feet for 5 points or painting your toenails for 10 points. You can then decide on a total that needs to be reached (the magic number) for him to gain release for a specified amount of time. During this time, you can allow him freedom to masturbate or any other form or climax you prefer. Just remember, compliance levels drop after orgasm, so the number may be higher each time.


Hide and seek chastity game

The key-holder can hide the key away and have some fun with the caged submissive. The dominant can offer hints and clues to the whereabouts of the key in exchange for services. These can be menial, fun or sexual, depending how the dominant feels. You can also only allow him to search for the key at specific times or you tell him, he may only search when you are not actively watching him. Catching him searching for the key can then elicit a punishment of the key-holder's choice or be a good reason to extend the time in chastity.


The blue balls chastity game

In a dark colored bag, place 10 blue balls and 1 red ball. You can also toss in a few other colors to make it even more interesting. Blue balls means he stays caged for another day. Only allow him to choose 1 ball per day, and return the balls to the bag once pulled. You can add in extra colors to mean orgasm by specific means or punishments of a certain type. Finding a red ball means he is allowed release, but again, the key-holder gets to decide the type of orgasm. You could also add in a black ball which means no more choosing for a 3 day period. You can use different objects of the same size or decide on different colors to mean different things, either way, this can be a fun way to give him a semblance of control over his orgasms, when in truth, and he doesn't really have much at all.


Another game of chastity chance

The caged guy can roll dice to decide his fate. Normal dice can be used to decide how many days he stays caged. The key-holder decides how many dice have to be rolled. You can also look at purchasing dice with more sides which can be used for the stubborn or disobedient sub that may need more days in chastity to learn manners and who is in control.


Chastity challenge game

The key-holder can set a challenge which cuts a day or an hour off the length of time the sub stays caged. If it is carried out satisfactorily, the key-holder may decide to set another challenge. The key-holder may also set a challenge which allows the sub to choose between two tasks, both equally challenging and humiliating. Should he not choose to complete either, the length of time in the cage can be extended or the dominant can stipulate another punishment. Challenges can be as simple as doing 50 push-ups to wearing panties to the gym. It depends how evil minded the dominant chooses to be.


Reaching goals through chastity games

Goals such as weight-loss, saving, improved timekeeping or any other measurable goal can be a good chastity game. Use time in the cage to have the submissive work towards a specific goal. If the goal is weight-loss, losing a certain amount of weight in a specific period can result in out of cage time or sticking to a diet for a specific period can result in orgasms in a preferred way. Not reaching the goals means no release and no orgasms for however long the dominant has decided.


General Knowledge chastity game

This can be a fun game where the sub is encouraged to learn things about his dominant. She can then quiz him on his knowledge and for everything he gets wrong, she adds a day to his time in the cage. When he gets it right, she can either deduct from the total days or allow a specific amount of time out of the cage, which he can then try and orgasm in that time, or end up denied the orgasm and locked back up again. The more right answers, the more time he has out of cage to achieve orgasm. This is a great motivator for the sub to learn what his dominant likes and enjoys as well as her personal dislikes.


These are just a few of the more common chastity games that you can play. You can spice it up by limiting time, having him attempt orgasm in a specific way such as using the non-dominant hand or by prostrate milking. You can allow a longer period out of the cage, or just long enough for an orgasm.  The key-holder has all the control and the submissive gets to enjoy giving his key-holder plenty attention so that he gets to orgasm whenever she decides he may do so.

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