The Chastity Keyholder's Guide to Locking Him Up

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Is your man not giving you the kind of attention you deserve? Does he put his needs before yours? Have you often wished that you were in control of his cock so that he would be more considerate in and out of bed? Or do you simply get a thrill of being in control of a man's sexual gratification? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may benefit from becoming a chastity key holder and ensuring male chastity becomes more than just a fantasy in your home. Permanent chastity usually starts with some fun sexual games of tease and denial, punishment and reward and even light CBT. He might really enjoy you being in charge and becoming his male chastity keyholder will put him firmly under your control. Orgasm denial can spice up your love life, ensure that your man takes care of your needs and even make him more loving and romantic.


So how does it all begin? Mostly it starts as an idea, determining a way of making sure he thinks of you all the time, spends time on foreplay, prevents his ability to masturbate effectively, cuts his enjoyment of porn, and makes him so horny that he becomes pliable and eager to please which results in the possibility of training.


Many men have already thought about permanent chastity and for some of them the hope of finding a chastity keyholder is alive in their minds, hoping to become more than just a fantasy. They may have thought of how to broach the subject of asking you to be their chastity key holders. They may even have gone as far as looking up a keyholder guide online to find out what it takes to get you involved in taking charge of their male members. Some men may even go as far as presenting their partner with a guide for keyholders, hoping to get them interested. However you got involved and whether it was your idea or his, the facts remain that male chastity keyholders have something many women would love, their partner’s complete attention, his sex life, literally in your hands. While you may be a little reluctant at the start, there are so many benefits to being his chastity cage keyholder you may eventually wish you had done it years ago.  We all know that men in general are driven by sex and that is why it is used to sell everything from beer to cars. It is one of those natural urges that seem to be embedded in the psyche, almost as strong as the urge to eat and sleep. If your man already focuses all of his desires on you and is imaginative in bed as well as considerate outside of it, you may try permanent chastity if he requests it or as part of something fun and exciting as opposed to being for training. If you have a man that enjoys porn too much, masturbates too much, has a wandering eye or doesn't give you enough attention, becoming his chastity holder could change all of that. Who wouldn't want a man that does everything he can to make you happy? A man who doesn't need to be nagged and who puts his energy in to your relationship? If more women became chastity key holders, the world may become a better place.


Remember this is not about withholding sex, if you did that normally, many men would use it as an excuse to find it elsewhere. Chastity keeps him loyal, with sex offered as a reward and you can still get as much as you want from him orally and through the use of toys. It will teach him to satisfy you properly without the use of his penis. His own arousal and desire will actually make him want you more and keep him reminded that you are in control.


One of the more unusual side effects of chastity is that it actually makes him more aroused and in need of release instead of less due to being denied. Trust chastity games in general do not worth for the most part, so the next step would be to decide on a chastity device. Whether you end up with a chastity cage key or as a chastity belt key holder, the end result is still the same. What you do need to look at is hygiene and comfort for long term device wear. You can read a male chastity guide for keyholders on the internet to get a better idea of the wide variety of devices that are available. You do have to ensure that the chastity keys are kept in a safe place and that one is always available in case of emergency.  Maybe get him to purchase a keyholder chastity key-ring or necklace so that you can have the chastity key with you at all times, and leave a second key with someone or in a place that can be accessed of you are not around.


Once you have decided on a good device and have him safely locked up, you can start with short periods of tease and denial, such as not releasing him until he brings you to a climax. This will arouse him and make sure you are also satisfied. You can start with this for a while then move on to longer periods with him in chastity and ensuring that chores around the house get done before he is allowed out for some playtime.  The final step is permanent chastity where you can get all the satisfaction you need, the household chores are done without a complaint and your man lives for the times he is release and allowed to have intercourse or simply masturbate to relieve his frustrations. You do have to make sure that proper hygiene protocols are followed and that he is release occasionally to clean both himself and the chastity device thoroughly.


So what are the real benefits of long term or permanent chastity? He no longer ignores your needs, he becomes more considerate, and he becomes more aroused and has intense orgasm when released. Your sex life improves, as does the romance and affection. He is dedicated to you and no longer looks at porn or tries to cheat with other women. He does the household chores without complaint and your time in the bedroom becomes kinky and charged with an energy that was not there before. There will be a lot more intimacy and he will understand your desires and needs a lot better.


 When choosing a device, go for one that is body safe, non-porous, fairly comfortable to wear and easy to clean. This also needs to fit well in an attempt to prevent masturbation or being able to slip the device off easy to pleasure himself. Choose from devices such as those that fit around the testicles and make use of a cage or tube, s chastity belt that locks around the waist or tubes that make use of a Prince Albert piercing to stop them being removed. The main aim of the device is to prevent his penis being adequately stimulated to allow him to orgasm without permission. Choose one that is the best quality you can afford, that fits properly and is comfortable to wear for long periods of time.


Establish the rules for the wearing of the device and the reasons he may be released from chastity for a period of time. It is always important to have full consent from both partners before embarking on this type of venture, and that both parties know and understand all risks involved. Most people now purchase these toys online and have them delivered to your door in the old shame faced brown paper packaging. Safe words are also important in long term kinky games such as these. You can also purchase various devices at adult shops offline if you want to get the true relative size and shape as well as ensure the materials used are suitable for permanent chastity. It really is true that these devices can let you know exactly how much his libido means to him and what he is willing to give to be allowed to seek release. Training does not need to take a long time and you can move on to the next step in the training whenever you feel he is ready. Whether you are new to kink or BDSM or you have been around a while, male chastity is still a huge leap forward in to becoming his dominant, Mistress and perhaps even owner.


Always respect your relationship first, makes sure you are both happy and healthy and that you both understand the requirements, consequences and so forth before you start this type of play. Permanent chastity could become exactly that, so it is good to iron out all the problems and questions right at the start. So get your eager partner locked up and start enjoying all the numerous rewards from keeping his libido shackled until you decide otherwise.


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