Which lube is the best for chastity devices

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Which lube is the best for chastity devices?

This is a question we get asked quite a lot. There are so many types of lube on the market these days, with an available lube for just about every possible type of application it can get confusing. We hope the following will help you decide.

In terms of which lube is the best or recommended for chastity devices, we can broadly break this down into 3 categories. First there is water or aqua based lube. These lubes are generally very good for intercourse but have the disadvantage of drying out quite quickly. The purpose of using lube when your locked into a chastity device is to provide you with a little more comfort at the rubbing points or to help you ease into the device. In our opinion water based lubes just don’t offer the longevity of other lubes and you will be reapplying far too frequently.

Second up is oil based lube. Quite the opposite from aqua based lubes, oil based lubes have an extremely good longevity period, meaning they keep those rubbing points lubricated for much longer than your standard water based lubricant. However, the big disadvantage of oil based lubes is that they can actually damage sex toys. The ingredients in oil based lube are safe on the skin but are not recommended for use with silicone or latex toys. So if you are using a silicone chastity device, an oil based lubricant is not the way to go. Whilst our chastity devices are stainless steel, long exposure to oil based lubricants can actually affect the stainless steel finish which you will not get back no matter how hard you polish.

So what is the most effective lube for chastity devices? Well of course it has to be a silicone based lubricate. Silicone based personal lubricants last just as well as an oil based but are however completely safe to use with sexy toys and will not affect the finish of stainless steel or silicone toys. Silicone lube is also great for using in wet play, in the shower or hot tub or example. Doesn’t this make it difficult to clean off I hear you ask. Silicone based lubes clean off really well with warm soapy water. So there you have it, Toys 4 Naughty Boys recommends a silicone based personal lubricant for chastity play whether you need a little help squeezing into that tight device or you have a little rubbing spot because you have been locked up for a long time. If you have not checked it out already, we recommend Lube Tube's Silicone Plus Lubricate which we offer at a very special price.  


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