Have you tried Electro Sex?

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Have you tried Electro Sex?


A recent trend in alternative pleasure has seen the availability of electro sex toys increase dramatically over recent months. Today there are many types of electro sex toys available for both him and her ranging from electro butt plugs, nipple clamps, dildos, penis rings and more but what exactly is to be gained from using such a device. Pain or pleasure?


We understand many people actually wince at the idea of having an electro current reaching their body at some really sensitive places, where others perhaps get aroused. Let’s clear up some of the misconceptions surrounding electro sec toys and provide a brief explanation of the various uses of such devices for the nervous and for the more experienced.


How do they work?


Firstly, lets explain how electro sex toys work. Like a Tens Machine used for muscle pain relief, electro sex toys transmit a small low frequency electrical pulse through the attachment to the skin. This small electrical pulse stimulates the nerve endings in the body which in turn can help increase blood flow. Furthermore the low frequency electrical impulse can help promote your body to produce natural endorphins (a feel good hormone). Many people panic at the idea of the electrical current, but typically all electro sex toys run from a couple of AA batteries, so there is not enough current to do any damage and you can forget the idea of getting any sort of nasty electrical shock. The great thing about electro sex toys is they can be used by all no matter your experience level. Let’s take a closer look at the various uses of electro sex toys: -


Electro sex toys for pleasure


For the first timer or those looking to self pleasure themselves electro sex toys are just great. Whether you’re using a virginal attachment, butt plug or penis rings setting the electro controller to its lowest setting can deliver some really enjoyable sensations to intimate areas of the body. The sensation you feel is not like masturbation or intercourse but a kind of tingling sensation and which can only really be likened to the butterflies in your stomach feeling only more intimate. 


Electro sex toys for foreplay


Like using electro sex toys for pleasure, they make a great accessory for foreplay. Both partners male or female can benefit from warming up or teasing each other during foreplay and which can help orgasms or ejaculations to be more intense and satisfying.


Electro Penis Rings to help with impotence


As the low frequency current delivered to the skin through penis rings can help increase blood flow to the penis the use of electro penis rings can help with impotence. Regular use over time can enhance your ability to get and maintain an erection. Be sure to check out our Toleto II Electro Sex Stimulation device which comes complete with penis rings and which the controller is suitable for many other accessories.

I hope the above clears up any negative thoughts you may have about the use of these toys. I know from my own personal experience these toys can be a great addition to your collection whether you want to self play for pleasure or enjoy the more dominant side of controlling others pain or pleasure. Be sure to check out our full range of electro sex toys.


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