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Posted by Mistress Scarlett 17/09/2017 0 Comment(s) Diary of Mistress Scarlett,

New Paddle


I’ve got lots of lovely implements, several old favourites that I bring out when I need to punish a naughty sub and I do love my old favourites. I know how they feel in my hand and I can swing and smack with practised ease.


However I do love it when I get a new toy to play with. This afternoon my sub came to me with a present. No reason, he said, just that he was happy I was his mistress. Aw, it’s adorable isn’t it? Until you realise he’s visiting for a punishment because he’s been naughty. I suspected the present was meant as a form of bribery.


It didn’t work.


I mean, I ripped off the paper and ribbon with great glee and exclaimed with delight when I pulled out the long, leather paddle but he didn’t win any lenience at all with it. Mistress Scarlett doesn’t work like that.


But I love the bondage paddle. I weighed it between my hands, slapping my open palm and enjoying the sting enhanced by the studs that run along the whole length of my new play thing.  Running my fingers up and down I enjoy the cold of the metallic studs against the warmth of the leather. It’s real too, I can smell that warm, sexy scent. 


I thanked my sub for his thoughtful and generous gift.


“But really, it’s a present for you isn’t it? Pain Slut.” I tighten the cuff at his wrist, keeping him attached to the spanking bench. “You want to see how much it hurts.”


I check the restraints at his ankles too, making sure he’s tied in and ready to receive his punishment.


“So, subby, I’m doing to show you exactly how much it hurts.”


I’m a cruel mistress but as much as leaving him restrained and not hitting him would really hurt my sub I wasn’t going to miss out on breaking in a new toy. Especially one that was so shiny and attractive.  You can’t beat a bit of leather but you can beat someone with it and that is a joyous thing indeed.


The paddle thwacks with a satisfying slap and it didn’t take long to get some nice rouge to the naughty boy’s buttocks. It was only as I continued to paddle him that the evidence of the studs became evident. Little round indentations of darker marking all over. Interesting bruises will be formed, I can’t wait to see that.


A good weight in my hand, a good noise on impact and it leaves beautiful marks. I think I may very well have a new favourite toy to punish wayward boys with. Oh goody, goody! Check out our range of bondage paddles and buy your Mistress a new present.


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